If there's one thing which has come to irk me in indie movies, it's the reliance on the Received Wisdom Soundtrack. The lovable losers always have a soundtrack of their lives composed by bands acknowledged now as influential, but not too popular. There's no reason, save pandering to modern sensibilities, that the alternatives types in a film set in 1987 would have been really into the Replacements and Hüsker Dü, instead of Guadalcanal Diary and The Mission UK (in one direction), or R.E.M. and Erasure (in the other).

To me, my Rocking-horse minions!

At last! Not only have I obtained the elusive 4th-Dimensional Synthesis Device at a diabolically low price, but completely without the solar notice of that meddlesome Diamond-eyed Lucy! 

Soon, I will unleash LEGIONS of home-made marshmallows upon the WORLD, thus setting an inexorable course toward my GLOBAL DOMINION! Ha!

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Reading that Monica Bellucci has signed a petition to release Roman Polanski imposes -- how to put it politely? -- a certain subtext upon some of her prior projects.

Of Montreal

Notes and observations:

1) Despite being only a 15-minute walk center to center, there is no after-dark route between the St. Catherine shopping/nightlife district and Old Montreal which does not cross through Creepytown.
2) Accompaniments for breakfast toast frequently included not only jelly, but also peanut butter. It's like getting a free PB&J sandwich with your eggs!
3) Having a personal style which makes the natives presume I'm not a tourist is somewhat gratifying; having tourists presume I can offer directions somewhat less so.
4) Every hotel in Old Montreal appears to have a rooftop bar/deck. More cities need to implement this principle.
5) If your solo espresso requires sugar, you're pulling it wrong. Yes, all of you.
6) Learn from my mistake: given the opportunity to eat bison heart tartare, foie gras and shaved parmesan, tell them not to bother with the prissy tasting menu bullshit, but just serve it up in a deep entree-sized bowl -- utensils optional.
7) When you first enter the Montreal Fine Arts Museum, you might suppose the long concourse up is a wheelchair-accessible ramp. Not so. It is a staircase, wherein each stair is full-width, but one-quarter height. There is no way to make ascending/descending that feel like a worthy endeavor. I think most people get all of six steps up before recalling that the elevator is right behind them.
8) One way to make multicultural insecurities vanish is to listen to a bilingual waiter mispronounce "Gewurztraminer".

The Sitting Limbo

Gin, allspice rum, pineapple juice, bitters, egg white.

Never have I had a more delicately balanced drink. And even the Violet Hour bartender seemed to have to work for it, which tells you something.

blue foods

First, we find that natural blue fruit has all manner of positive health effects, ranging from aiding cardiovascular performance to reducing Alzheimer's.

Next, we learn that even a fake blue food has a notable benefit toward reducing spinal injuries.

If it ever comes out that drinking Blue retards aging, I will laugh my ass off.